Why I Love Photography

December 21, 2023

If it wasn’t for having my heart broken, I would have never discovered my love for photography. Unlike other pursuits driven by external validation or the desire to win back a lost love, photography became a personal passion, a testament to my curiosity and a strong desire to improve. It was the first endeavor I embarked on solely for my own fulfillment. Part of everything I’ve done before it, from amending my relationship with my parents, dressing a certain way, and trying to be successful, was to either win back my ex or make her rue the day she left me.

It’s been almost 10 years since I seriously pursued photography. I met my wife because of our shared passion towards photography and traveled to different states and countries for the purpose of taking photos. Now as a Husband and Father, my love for photography has deepened, but my approach has evolved. No longer driven by monetary gain, I’ve become more of an enthusiast that cherishes photography as a hobby and a means to capture memories and connect with others. I found that what’s important to me now is the joy photography brings over the technical aspects such as what camera was used, how the photos were edited, and even if it was digital or film. Although technical things can make photography more enjoyable.

Although I know that my Photography philosophy may continue to evolve, I hope that my love for it will only deepen. Not only was it the first thing I did for myself, but it’s become a tool to help me connect with family, new friends, and see the beauty in the mundane. Even my almost 2 year old daughter finds joy in playing with my cameras and is fascinated when she looks at the photos or videos we captured. As I continue on this photographic journey, I really do hope that my curiosity and love for it will continue as well.


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