Going Digital with the Leica M10

March 20, 2024

Hey folks, it’s been a while!

I am always caught off guard with how fast time passes by. I’ve been so focused on being a Dad to Iris and our dog Maru, along with much needed home renovations, that I forget that I have a blog. At least until I get an email reminder from my online web host to pay up. Regardless, I am back to update you on my photo journey!

Late last year, I took the leap and bought the Leica m10. This “Leap” isn’t only a financial leap, but also consisted of me begging my wife and sounding like my daughter with the phrase “Last time.” I have always been searching for a digital camera that can give me the same dopamine-rush I get when shooting film. Not to mention, I was tired of stressing about the annual price increase on kodak film and the cost to get it developed. I tried my best with Fujifilm, Canon, and Sony, but it wasn’t the same. Some might call me an odd-ball for how particular I can get- from the feel of holding the camera, the sound it makes, and achieving the end result that I envisioned when taking the photo. The Leica m10 has achieved 95% of that with the last 5% being achievable with the Leica m10-d (just don’t tell my wife). The m10 feels exactly like my m7 and the mechanical sound from the shutter was the cherry on top. I wouldn’t consider myself an expert with editing color, but I swear editing Leica files seem to be easier than those of Fujifilm.

I had to force myself to shoot film ever since purchasing the m10. On the flip side, I realized I started to shoot much more than I’ve had in years dating back to at least when I first got the Fujifilm x-t2. One obvious reason is being able to instantly see how my photos came out and make adjustments, but the less obvious one is simply the versatility of adjusting the ISO when shooting indoors or at night. My wife even praised that she’s happy I brought along my digital Leica over my film because I am constantly capturing memories with our daughter that we would have otherwise missed. One last small perk is the app to transfer photos hasn’t given me any issues compared to Canon and Fujifilm.

All that to say, I effing love my Leica m10. It does bum me out that I am not solely a Film shooter since I notoriously pushed my peers to go analogue though. I will probably keep my Leica m7 due to it’s rarity, but I would not be surprised if I sold my other film cameras to help fund for more lenses. Only time will tell! 🙂


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